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5 Professional Tips For Improving Fuel Economy

The lifespan of a vehicle depends on the way you maintain it. To achieve the highest fuel economy, you must pay attention to every sign of your car. You must be thinking – “Oh! It’s so easy. Anybody can do it.” Well, you are mistaken. The right knowledge is vital for improving fuel economy. There are five most crucial and simple methods that will help you to boost the economy of the fuel.

The Best Ways for Improving Fuel Economy

The simple ways to enhance the fuel economy of your vehicle is right here. So, get to know each method gradually.

1. Better Driving Habit
The way you drive the car affects the total fuel consumption. A few changes in your driving style will improve fuel economy. Driving at way too much slower or higher speed burns more fuel than usual. The ideal speed of driving is somewhere in between 30 to 48. Driving at the defined speed will improve the fuel economy by 33%.

2. Listen to the Engine
People usually ignore the hidden signs of the engine. A well-organized engine can boost the fuel economy up to 40% and you can save the maximum money. Perform some routine check test every week. The test might include checking the air filters, cleaning the dirt or dust, and good condition of the engine. So, check the engine for its better condition today!

3. Tire Optimization
The kilometer per litre will improve if you will buy the right tire for your car and maintain its condition. You can use a tire gauge to check the pressure of each tire. Compare the pressure with the one given in car manual. Alternatively, selecting the narrowest tires for your vehicle will lead to lower fuel consumption and fewer haul. So, optimize your tires for improving fuel economy.

4. Fewer Loads
You might have noticed that when your car is loaded it consumes more fuel. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your car as light as you can. Remove anything, which you don’t use or need. For example, golf clubs or seat of your child. The extra stuff you will have in your car the more fuel it will require to carry the entire vehicle. If you are a city driver this tip will surely help you.

5. Air Condition
It seems unfair but it’s true that you’re A/C consumes more power when you travel. Switching on the AC during the entire journey will lead you to a frequent refill of the fuel. You can use the fan on cool instead. This is how to increase fuel economy in the best way. So, avoid turning on the A/C when you have to go for a long drive and safe maximum fuel economy.

Winding Up

These methods will help you to decrease the total car expense!!!